2. Code of conduct

Employees of JTC Staffing Solutions are supposed to act according to the main principles of JTC Staffing Solutions, while maintaining the core values of their classification. JTC Staffing Solutions workers must consistently aim to treat all residents equally in order to preserve the integrity and autonomy of each resident while on shift. JTC Staffing Solutions requires all staff to provide all residents with secure and professional care, which includes ensuring that their graphs are reliable and truthful. In addition, JTC Staffing Solutions workers can aim to preserve the trust of residents by conducting themselves with dignity, which includes protecting the privacy and confidentiality of resident information, in addition to maintaining resident information. Besides defending people from damage and exploitation. An integral aspect of the services supplied by JTC Staffing Solutions is to ensure a professional yet caring approach to resident care.

It is imperative that JTC Staffing Solutions workers collaborate professionally with employees in contracted long-term care homes to better meet the needs of residents, given the nature of JTC Staffing Solutions as a supplementary staffing organization. It is an obligation for all JTC Staffing Solutions workers to communicate and treat themselves respectfully and positively when communicating with staff in contracted homes.

Employees of JTC Staffing Solutions must aim to behave in a manner that preserves the confidence of the public in JTC Staffing Solutions. As such, by adhering to policies and procedures in the workplace, JTC Staffing Solutions workers are responsible for their actions and decisions both at work and outside of work. For all JTC Staffing Solutions workers, the requirement is to view oneself professionally online and perform one’s own acts in compliance with laws, while abstaining from any conduct that could affect the public’s image of JTC Staffing Solutions and/or its contracted long-term care homes.