At JTC Staffing Solutions, we provide as needed services in the areas served with qualified and experienced healthcare professionals who are ready to step up to the challenge and provide nothing but the best of service to our clients and their patients in a moments’ notice.
  • Knowing the importance of a good work-life balance, JTC Staffing Solutions understands that some healthcare workers need both the flexibility to make their own schedule and the peace of mind that comes with consistency. With this in mind, JTC has numerous local contract positions tailored to such contractors. Choosing to work for JTC Staffing Solutions gives you this flexibility and puts control of your work schedule into your hands. With local contracts, you will have the ability to;
  • Commute from home
  • Create an extended work schedule that works with you
  • Have the stability of knowing your work schedule well in advance
  • Decide how long your contract will be by communicating your availability prior to the start of the contract
  • The ability to provide continuity of care to the same client for the duration of the contact
  • Avoid the hustle of picking shifts daily

If local contracts appeal to you, we have numerous assignments for RNs, RPNs and PSWs. Our dedicated on-boarding team is ready to assist you obtain local opportunities that suit your needs.